Vibrations of the Soul

i think if you could see inside my soul
you'd see tangled black thread weaving
around my kidneys, squeezing life out
of my heart, running around and around fragile
veins and blank spaces, splicing delicate cells in half
it spins from an empty space, a tangled web
of fears that i will always never be enough
always never be enough, always never be enough

the mantra that this thread sings matches
the vibration of my soul, just off enough to
create an ugly dissonance of noise. just close
enough to be difficult to distinguish from
the true beauty of who i am, a beloved creature,
who sees the world through blue tinged lenses and
stands loyal by her friends, whose quiet soul
doesn't need to scream louder than the others to
always be enough, always be enough, always be enough

the threads have slowly been snapping, dissolving
into hot blood streams and washing away but so many-
the tautest ones- remain, strangling my feet.
so deeply embedded into flesh that you can't see
at first glance that they're still there, and these will
take the longest to remove, deeper and more invasive
surgery, so that my soul can be completely free
humming quietly it's own song with no underlying
grating lies that create headaches and salt tears,
but instead will sing clearly

Always Enough. Always Enough. Always Enough.


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