That Pumice Life

Sometimes I feel like I'm floating from one place to another, never there long enough to settle into the sand and become a part of it, but long enough to crest the waves and learn a little while I'm there.

I'll dig my feet into the sand, feel the waves wash over my toes, the shells crunch as I walk. The smell of salt always heavy in the air. Breath in, feeling it rasp against my lungs.

The wind will slip through my hair, push against me as I lift my hand into the spray of the sea.

Every beach and every encounter with the ocean is different. The black sand of Guatemala, the dropping cliffs of Ireland, the sharp shells and quagmire of Washington, the white sand and stingrays of Belize.

Join me as I scour the globe, in search of my place. Here you'll find the adventures, thoughts and photographs of someone who's trying to live to her fullest potential.

No matter where in the world you might be, humanity is joined by the commonality of our struggles.

Like everyone else I've lost sight of my dreams, felt lonely, exalted in the world that we live in, marveled at things, had adventures, and struggled to determine who I am and what I value.

I hope we can teach each other how to better ride the waves of our lives.