blisters on my heel

My shoes are too tight
a half size too small

I got sick so
I missed the "return by" date

They gave me giant blister...

Just Diego and Me

Windows down
no AC
just Diego and me.

We're flying
tunes blaring
wind whipping loose curls.

I'm jamming

I'm tired and I can't chase them

I wake up at 3:13 in the morning, gasping and clawing for air, my fingers scrabbling against this boulder on my chest, scratching my skin in the attempts to gain purchase, trying, desperately, to get it off! It doesn't want to move, but finally, my fingers, cracked and bleeding, leverage it off of t...

Vibrations of the Soul

i think if you could see inside my soul
you'd see tangled black thread weaving
around my kidneys, squeezing life out
of my he...

Is fear your master?

This morning I let fear rule my actions.

Bethany and I woke up before six, the sun just beginning to light up the world with t...

A Single Moment

A Single Moment

Purple flowers
lights that shimmer in dark hours

Golden light
paisley print on white

His voice

Overlapping Scales

It's a continuous snaking thing
between big moments and little h...

Black Pearls

My toe nails
shimmer blue
purple hues

They look like
beautiful pearls
round jewels


There's this Scent

It smells like rain
the way it did when I was twelve.
Drops fat rolling on grass.

I’m pushed to the end
of my understanding...